Jan de Wijs & Son

Jan de Wijs and Son
Den Hoorn & Delft
The Netherlands


Lifelong at the top at the most prestigious races in the world. Races like, Perpignan, St. Vincent, Pau, Dax, Tarbes are all above 1000 KM and Barcelona is even almost 1200 KM to our racing loft in Den Hoorn & Delft. Breeding pigeons able to win under all circumstances at the longest distances is our passion. Together, we have over 100 experience Jan Sr. (71) has pigeons for 60 years and Jr. (47) has pigeons from the age of 5... We race and breed from some of the fastest Jan Aarden based bloodlines with a touch of Batenburg and van der Wegen. If you have any question at all feel free to contact us at any time...

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Below you will find a selection of fancier from whom I have currently pigeons in stock. I have seen all these pigeons personally, and they are present in our lofts in Delft or Den Hoorn. I DO NOT SELL PIGEONS THAT I HAVE NOT SEEN. Furthermore, I guarantee you that you can breed at least useful racing pigeons from them. The rest is up to you, your dedication, your loft and of course a little luck!

Stop paying too much at auction websites! I help you find exactly what you are looking for at the right price! No more bullshit, false bidding and empty promises. Just let me know what you need, and I start working for you immediately... Click here to start

I have agreements with many shippers and agencies all over the globe. Together we get the pigeons you bought in your loft, save, fast and 100% legal in your loft. Click here for more info and prices

1) I give my customers full lifetime support FOR FREE!
2) I do not sell pigeons I did not see and handle
3) I only buy pigeons from sources I trust for 100%
4) I do not sell pigeons I would not breed from myself
5) All the pigeons come with pedigrees and ring cards
6) I never breed from pigeons which are sold and waiting for transport
7) I help you all the way, my services does not stop after selling you a pigeon
8) All the pigeons are vaccinated
9) I only work with trusted partners for transports
10) I will NEVER say NO if I am able to help you

We have pigeons at stock from:

Click the fancier of your choice, Fill in the form, and we get back to you really soon.

No auctions, no false bidding to get extra money out of your pockets! We help you all the way... No Nonsense, no bullshit... Did you know the famous auctions houses make at least 35%? Here at Europigeons, the services does not end with selling you a bird, we help you all the way. Our customers get free full lifetime support.

Jan de Wijs & Son
Ruud Nijssen
The rising STAR in Holland. One of the very, very few fanciers I know who wins from 100 to 1000 KM... To rule is to foresee... A highly recommended strain of super pigeons!
Jan de Wijs & Son
Jan de Wijs & Son
Lifelong at the top of the most prestigious marathon races in the world. 94 x in the top 100 National since 2000!
Ko van Dommelen
Ko van Dommelen

With nothing less than 6 NATIONAL VICTORIES and one of the best marathon breeders ever, known as "De Paarsborst" a living legend...

Jelle Jellema
Jelle Jellema

With twice a win at National Barcelona and countless other top 10 finishes the best fancier of the last decades..

Roland Janssens
Roland Janssens

Owner of the fastest colored strain of pigeons in the world. Not for nothing they call him, the SPRINT KING of Belgium....

Machiel Buijk
Machiel Buijk
It is safe to say the Jan Aarden heritage is secure in his hands. He owns the world's most famous collection of purebred Jan Aarden's
Kees Droog
Kees Droog
Kees Droog, winner National Barcelona 2015 and 1st National Pau in 2016! These pigeons are very rare and hard to find...
Koos van Koppen
koos van koppen
Former National champion short distance and, nowadays, one of the best all-round fanciers in Holland...


Location Delft

Europigeons loft location Delft

Europigeons location Delft, here we race with 21 pairs on the Natural system. The ultimate goal here is to show that also with no mass of pigeons you can have great results. All 13 Marathon races 2021 will be raced. National and International...


Location DEn hoorn

Europigeons loft location den Hoorn

Europigeons location Den Hoorn, here we race with 48 pairs on double widowhood and 38 pairs on the natural system. We won 93 x top 100 national since 2000. All 13 Marathon races 2021 will be raced. National and International...

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