B.21-4087591 "White Bronske"

Without doubts, one of the best to handle pure whites ones I did ever handle! Imagine what your kids or grandchildren will say when you have one like this in your loft!
PRICE: €500,-

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The nononsense pigeon company


We all know them, racing pigeon auction sites. One more beautiful than the other. The next with a perfect marketing team all over the world, and another with the best people who judge the pigeons so that you can buy them remotely. But do those sites sell the best pigeons? Do they employ the best judges? Are all competitions won by the pigeon-fanciers they have under contract?

We can tell you NO, of course NOT!

Pigeon recruitment

We help you get better results by finding pigeons able to strengthen your strain. We will help you all the way in the process finding the perfect pigeons for you!

Pigeons in stock now

We always have approx 500 pigeons from all famous European bloodlines in stock. Pigeon ready to breed and ship all over the world.

ready, to breed and ship

racing pigeons we have in stock now

B.21-4087517 "Inbred Rudy"
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B.21-4087497 "Best Gaby"
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B.21-4087480 "Chequered Rudy"
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NL.21-1550193 "Red Star 193"

Now and then we have a pigeon  for sale which deserves a little more attention! This is without doubt an EXTRA hen! If you have a loft full of pigeons like this, you will get somewhere for sure!
In the pedigree of this Wijnands x Beens hen with all a good marathon hen should have you will find legendary pigeons like "Blauwe Vanoppen' (The legend himself!), "Mister Bergerac", "Rika", "Sister Olympic Gijsje", "Red Orange" and more much more... 

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NL.21-1550193 "Red Star 193"
We have pigeons in stock from

all, famous

in Europe

All these pigeons are in our lofts, ready to breed, vaccinated, in perfect condition and ready to ship.We only make a deal final when we have discussed everything. No surprises if you buy pigeons from us!

Only when we have answered all your questions, and it is therefore also clear how and when we can deliver the pigeons, will we invoice you, and we will make the deal final! I have contact with many shippers and agencies all over the globe. Together, we get the pigeons you bought in your loft, save, fast and 100% legal in your loft.

Did you know???

That at Barcelona 2021, we did beat a lot of the well known? We started with 55th National against 4838 pigeons at our location in Den Hoorn.
This year first the first time we will also race Barcelona at our location in Delft....

Check the National results here Get Tips, Tricks and our results weekly...
Jelle Jellema, racing pigeons for sale...
Plans at the marathon races?

2 Pairs, purebred Jelle Jellema (NL)

2 x Winner Nat. Barcelona

The golden genes from the Jellema lofts have an enormous impact on international extreme long-distance racing. Jelle is always one of the favorites on (Inter)national races he participates in. Moreover, his pigeon's DNA is found in winners of extreme long-distance races worldwide. We have several purebred pigeons from all famous lines in stock. All ready to ship and breed...

630,- (10% discount)

Photo's and pedigrees Yes, I am interested
NL.21-1560078 "Blue Heremans"
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NL.20-1134830 "Little Blue"
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NL.21-1560082 "Dreamboy Jan"
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