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Europigeons, we sell QUALITY pigeons for workingman prices. Not the latest marketing driven nonsense!
In the town of Den Hoorn, the Netherlands lays Europe's Number 1 in fixed price pigeon sales www.europigeons.nl. Europigeons has been established for a number of years now, and is growing fast with partners in South Africa, The United Kingdom, Malta, France, China, Bangladesh, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, The Middle East, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Portugal, Morocco. Mexico and the United States.
At Europigeons fanciers have a wide choice when looking to buy birds. Fixed price pigeons for sale on the website vary from Short distance sprint pigeons, Middle Distance pigeons, all round pigeons, and Long Distance pigeons, Pigeons with results or even 1st Prize winners. As well as mature breeding pigeons for sale Europigeons offer a range of fixed price young bird kits for all types of racing.
Many fanciers that already have approached Europigeons.nl for new blood have been very happy with the pigeons they have chosen and have achieved top results with them. You can see on the pictures the quality of the pigeons that we as a team send out on a daily basis. Every year the Europigeons team export over 3000 birds all over the world.
Across Europe in Auctions pigeons reach soaring prices and many of these go to the Far East which means it is much harder to obtain good quality pigeons for a modest price. At Europigeons.nl there are no auctions, no false bidding to get extra money out of pockets of the fanciers, for promotion reasons. The fanciers behind the company belong to the best in Holland on the Long Distance races. This way we make it easier to obtain pigeons directly from the best pigeons in Europe.
Please keep in mind that not all birds we have on stock are listed at our website. Is the pigeon or strain you are looking for not listed? Don't worry, just contact us, we are sure we can help you anyway...

Jan de Wijs Jr.

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