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NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”

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NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”
NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”
NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”
NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”
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Grd. “Kleine Blauwe” with 1st Nivelles against 826 pigeons and 1st Morlincourt against 260 pigeons

A perfect to handle blue bar hen bred by rising star in Holland, Ruud Nijssen from Halsteren. In her veins the best bloodlines of Marijke Vink (Koopman) and Leo Heremans. This hen won 13 prizes herself, she won:

13th Quievrain against 991 pigeons
47th Melun against 2201 pigeons
47th Orleans against 410 pigeons
104th Fontenay against 723 pigeons
110th Quievrain against 977 pigeons
134th Sens against 2023 pigeons
214th Quievrain against 1605 pigeons
274th Lessines against 1677 pigeons
283rd Peronne against 1333 pigeons
283rd Morlincourt against 1315 pigeons
344th Quievrain against 2487 pigeons
449th Quievrain against 2195 pigeons
944th Asse Zelik against 4020 pigeons

The father of this perfect to handle hen is NL.12-1710487 “Son Indorado” a cock from the line of “Tips” & “Nesrin” from Marijke Vink and “Den Euro” & “Wonderaske” from Leo Heremans. He is father of many great pigeons including “Virginia” which was 5th provincial ace pigeon young pigeons, 2nd overall provincial ace pigeons young and 39th National Ace pigeon young pigeons W.H.Z.B. She won 9 prizes in 2013, 13 prizes in 2014 and 17 prizes in 2017! Bred from: NL.10-2051781 “Indorado” (Grandson “Future” & “Nesrin” 100% Marijke Vink, through Hans Jansen) x NL.11-1042747 “Euro 747” (Father is grandson legendary “Den Euro” and mother is granddaughter “De Jan” from Leo Heremans)

The mother of this superb to handle blue bar hen is NL.14-3421890 “De Late” a late bred which was placed directly at the breeding loft because of her fabulous bloodlines! Bred from: NL.10-3016379 “Kleine Blauwe” (He won 1st Nivelles against 826 pigeons, 1st Morlincourt against 260 pigeons, 2nd Pommeroeul against 1690 pigeons, 7th Creil against 2557 pigeons, 9th Pommeroeul against 2279 pigeons and more…) x NL.10-3016394 “Grandmother Jef” (Mother of “De Jef” which was 1st provincial ace pigeon young birds, 1st ace pigeon young birds zuf rayon 1)
  • Color Blue
  • Breeder Ruud NIjssen, Halsteren (NL)
  • Ringnumber NL.16-3631316
  • Sex Hen
  • Bloodline(s) Nijssen / Vink / Koopman / Heremans
NL.16-3631316 “Grd Kleine Blauwe”