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NL.18-3830583 "Grs. Kras Beer"

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NL.18-3830583 "Grd. Kras Beer"
NL.18-3830583 "Grd. Kras Beer"
NL.18-3830583 "Grd. Kras Beer"
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Granddaughter of “Golden Breeder” the absolute base pigeon of this champion loft!
A hen down from the very best of this rising star in Holland at extreme long-distance! Granddaughter of "De Kras Beer" & "Golden Breeder" the 2 absolute base pigeons at the loft of Ruud. This hen won herself:
166th Quievrain against 1528 pigeons
200th Morlincourt against 1577 pigeons
202nd Peronne against 1630 pigeons
316th Quievrain against 1763 pigeons
The father of this very nice to handle hen with all a good marathon hen should have is NL.14-3421850 "Krukje I" A direct son of “De Kras Beer” Super Racer with… 87th Dax against 3092 pigeons, 234th Bergerac against 1014 pigeons, 99th St. Vincent against 2776 pigeons, 143rd St. Vincent against 4263 pigeons, 197th Tarbes against 3949 pigeons, 213rd Cahors against 4262 pigeons, 230th Bergerac against 4663 pigeons, 251 st Dax against 8398 pigeons, 267th Cahors against 5949 pigeons and more… Bred from: NL.11-3024081 "De Kras Beer" (Direct son "Wim" which won 38th Tarbes against 1004 pigeons, 79th St. Vincent against 4024 pigeons and more…) x NL.14-3421950 "De 950" (Aarden x van Dommelen and winner of 23rd Bordeaux against 253 pigeons and 940th Tarbes against 5392 pigeons)
The mother of this amazing Aarden based hen down from the two most successful marathon lines of Ruud is NL.15-3522277 "Sister Crack 840" a full sister of "Crack 840" One of the best marathon pigeons in Brabant the last few years! He won 4 prices on extreme long-distance in 2012, 3 prizes in 2013 and 2 in 2014 including 73rd National Dax, 42nd National St. Vincent and more… Bred from: NL.10-3016377 “Golden Breeder” the pigeon that gave Ruud so much joy, he is at the base of all his winning birds on the Marathon races. He won 7th Dax in the region against 66 pigeons (32rd in the region against 472 p.).In 2012 he was 11th Ace pigeon in the region with 3 Marathon prices... He also won the 8th St. Vincent against 118 pigeons, 5th Dax against 108 pigeons, 5th Limoges against 96 pigeons, 22nd St. Vincent against 386 pigeons, 94th Bourges against 1757 pigeons. He is the father and grandfather of many great racers! ) x NL.10-3016365 "Blue Eagle 6" (Mother "Crack 840" one of the best racers Ruud ever had…)
  • Color Chequered
  • Breeder Ruud Nijssen, Halsteren (NL)
  • Ringnumber NL.18-3830583
  • Sex Hen
  • Bloodline(s) NIjssen / Aarden / van Dommelen / v. Eekeren
NL.18-3830583 "Grs. Kras Beer"