Shipping / Delivery

Delivery of products

For the delivery of the products we use the services of Postnl. We can ship to all corners of the world for acceptable costs. As soon as order left you will receive an trackingcode so you can follow every step of the way to your doorstep.

Delivery of pigeons

We can ship pigeons all over the world.  We work only with proffesional parties for quarantaine and shipping like D.Q.V.S. and Animals to Fly. But we also have good contact with all other known specialists in shipping pigeons.

How long does it take?

When do we deliver?

Products will be shipped as soon as the payment is in our account. Within Europe the packes will arrive in 2 working days. Country's outside of Europe takes a few days longer.....
The time it takes to get the pigeons you bought into your loft depens on a lot things like, where you are from and the rules in your country. So it very hard to make promises but ofcourse we will do all in our power to get the pigeons into your loft save, secure, by law and as fast as possible. Before we finalize a deal all terms and condition will be discused with you so you will not have any surprises afterwards.
In case of any special circumstances like outbreaks of blird flu which can mean border will be closed we will always keep taking care of your pigeons FOR FREE till we are able to forward them again....

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My 10 promises to you...

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Some things you can keep me on

I love my job, am crazy about pigeons and I like happy customers. I believe in what I do so here are 10 promises you can keep me on! If for some reason you need extra attention for a specific problem or special wish I am here to listen to you ALWAYS!

1) I give my customers full lifetime support FOR FREE!
2) I do not sell pigeons I did not see and handle, all birds are in MY loft
3) I only buy pigeons from sources I trust for 100%
4) I do not sell pigeons I would not breed from myself
5) All the pigeons come with pedigrees and ringcards
6) I never breed from pigeons which are sold and waiting for transport
7) I help you al the way, my services does not stop after selling you a pigeon
8) All the pigeons are vaccinated
9) I only work with trusted partners for transports
10) I will NEVER say NO if I am able to help you
Jan de Wijs Jr.