healthcare for racing pigeons


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There are dozens if not hundreds of producers of products for your pigeons. All screaming of the rooftops that thier products are the best. We intent to only offer you the best! Products used and tested by chamipions all over the globe. We can ship this products all over the world.... 
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Herbots products

Herbots products for racing pigeons

The well-known and highly appreciated products by champions. Herbots Pigeon Products offer high quality at very competitive prices. This line of products for pigeons is used by fanciers from 5 continents. We are Distributor of Herbots Pigeon Products. 

Natural products

Herbots products for racing pigeons
In this section we present complementary products from Natural to provide improved feeding and hygiene for the racing pigeon. They are the result of the extensive experience gathered by pigeon fanciers and intensified specialisation. 

Belgica de Weerd

Belgica de Weerd, Breda (NL)
Pigeon fanciers all over the world use the Belgica De Weerd range successfully. The list of references of successful and satisfied clients continues to grow steadily and we are always glad to see how many fanciers show their gratitude for the products.