How to buy from us...

Before you pay all expensives will be 100% No surprices at

We work with a pre-order system.

At Europieons we work with a -pre-order system. This means as much as we reserve the pigeon(s) for you. After that we will contact you as soon as possible to discuse the shipping costs and all other things to make sure the pigeons reach your loft in perfect condition. After we agreed on all this we will invoice you and the deal is official. So NO suprices if you order from us.... What you see is what you get and what we agree will be done....

If you still have questions, feel FREE to contact me at any time, I am just an email, WhatsApp Message or phone call away.

Yours, in sport,

Jan de Wijs Jr.

Europigeons Loft In Den Hoorn, The Netherlands