Ruud Nijssen, racing pigeons for sale

Ruud Nijssen, Halsteren (NL)

The rising STAR in Holland. One of the very, very few fanciers I know who wins from 100 to 1000 KM... To rule is to foresee... A highly recommended strain of super pigeons! We have a lot of Ruud Nijssen pigeons on stock, from his best bloodlines only and for affordable prizes! Questions? Click here...

1) I give my customers full lifetime support FOR FREE!
2) I do not sell pigeons I did not see and handle
3) I only buy pigeons from sources I trust for 100%
4) I do not sell pigeons I would not breed from myself
5) All the pigeons come with pedigrees and ring cards
6) I never breed from pigeons which are sold and waiting for transport
7) I help you all the way, my services does not stop after selling you a pigeon
8) All the pigeons are vaccinated
9) I only work with trusted partners for transports
10) I will NEVER say NO if I am able to help you


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