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I'm done with it! All those promotional talks, enthusiasts praised for having a sale later in the year! Of course, everyone can do what they want, but I am going to make a different sound from today! Those of the non-brainwashed, non-commercial pigeon-fanciers who are kept under control by contracts with auction websites and who are no longer in charge of their pigeons and policy.

I'm going to show you what real pigeon sport is! Emotion… patiently waiting for years… Living on a performance 5 years or more ago, dreaming of that one day that happens to you as regular fancier. That one big victory on a race, that one special moment that nobody had taken into account. Pure pigeon sport, out of love and passion for the miracle that the pigeons always do everything to come home.

Let's rock…. I promise I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

Jan de Wijs Jr.