Some of our finest 2019 young birds go to qatar


A great day yesterday at Europigeons lofts. Aldoseri Family from Doha, Qatar visited us with only one goal… To obtain some of our finest extreme long-distance pigeons. It’s no secret that we own some of the fastest Jan Aarden based strain at the planet. For over 30 years we are competing at the absolute top on the marathon races in The Netherlands.

We won all al prices in the first 10 on the Nationals (2 x 1st at our satellite loft, Piet Overkleeft) I dare to say that even in our bad seasons we compete with the best in the championships in our long-distance club.

Back to yesterday….
It was a great afternoon… Many pigeons were handled, many results list studiet and lot of pedigrees did go from hand to hand. In the end the Aldoseri family decided to buy some 2019 young birds from our finest pairs and proven racers….

All together you can imagine how happy we are with the outcome of this visit and we are very proud that in the next couple of years our pigeons get to chance to compete in Qatar. I am sure that they will do well as so many other all over globe….

We will keep you all informed how they are doing in the future…

If you are also looking for some marathon pigeons able to compete on the highest possible level and under the most heavy and difficult circumstances do not hesitate to contact me…

Jan de Wijs
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