Racing Pigeon Recruiter

You contact us by filling in the form. We will then contact you to map out your wishes. By means of a number of questions, we gain insight into your wishes.We then issue advice, come to location if necessary and discuss the budget you have to take the next step in the sport.

Have we agreed? Then we will get to work for you! We will look for the perfect pigeon or pigeons for you. Pigeons that suit you, your system, in your favorite game and for the distances you prefer to fly! We take care of everything for you…

As soon as we have found the perfect pigeons, we will personally look and handle them for you in all cases! We promise the perfect pigeon for your wishes! Is everything OK? Pigeon(s) okay? Papers complete and okay? Then we buy the pigeons for you and ensure that they are delivered to you!

Jan de Wijs
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Contact Us

Is your question not answered? Do not hesitate to contact us by using the form on the left or one of the option below....

Address Derde Werelddreef 253, 2622 HK, Delft (NL)
Opening time Mon-Sat: 08.00 -18.00
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