Ready to breed and ship...

(re) starter kits

Tired of bad results? Ready for a (new) start with some ready to ship and breed pigeons?
The (re) starters kit below are hand-picked by myself (Jan de Wijs Jr.) During the selection of these birds I did not only look at the pedigrees but also the pigeons themselves. Trying to form a strong base for your ambitions. All these pigeons are vaccinated, in perfect health, ready to ship and breed! I am confident that with these pigeons you will breed at least some useful pigeons! 

Leo Heremans, racing pigeons for sale...
Looking for some true sprinters?

2 Pairs, purebred Leo Heremans

Leo Heremans auction amazes the world of pigeon racing: his pigeon family was sold for 4,346,500

The Leo Heremans racing pigeons have become the pigeons to beat everywhere they go. Seems like, no matter where you look, you will see Heremans in the pedigree of the top middle distance winners in Europe. For pigeons to become so hot so fast can only lead to the obvious. They are really that good.

1190,- (15% discount)

Photo's and pedigrees Yes, I am interested
Marc de Cock, racing pigeons for sale...
Looking for some true all-round pigeons?

2 Pairs, purebred Marc de Cock (B)

Player and Breeder of ace pigeons KBDB and Olympiad pigeons

The house of “ROCKEFELLER” BE17-4094340“. Rockefeller won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB all-round in 2018. The unique class in the lofts of Marc De Cock has been very impressive for decades. His pigeons have been performing at the highest level for a long time, both nationally and internationally - not only in their own lofts, but also among dozens of fanciers worldwide.

900,- (10% discount)

Photo's and pedigrees Yes, I am interested
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