"If don't want to become better, you already stopped being good"

We are into pigeons business for over 20 years, work hard to make a living by selling pigeons and products for normal prices. Trying to make people happy with a few pigeons at all corners of the world. I can say without any doubt that me dad and I belong to some of the best on the extreme long-distance in Holland. Not for a few years but for decades!

In spite of all that you will not find me at Pipa or any other online magazine. Why? we are to basic... Our feet are on ground, we experience the sport without the nonsense! In his most purest form, to enjoy! For the love of it! Here we will give you tips every Friday (except a few weeks for Holidays), tips & tricks from our own personal experience. Tips & tricks that others don't tell you.... We do realize many say.... "All you need are good pigeons", but believe me there is more to it.... Here we share all we know... Together the Europigeons team has 100 years of experience... Benefit from it now and subscribe to our mailing list below, or check the website on a weekly base...

Best regards,

Jan & Jan de Wijs

Jan de Wijs & Son, Den Hoorn (NL)


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