Don’t let the screamers foul you!

"Winning 15 prizes looks great but if he send 150 pigeons it’s nothing!"

Concerning good birds, propaganda does not count, results do. But as for results 2 there are important things to consider. First how many pigeons a fancier entered a race? Winning 15 prizes looks great but if he send 150 pigeons it’s nothing! His club mate with a smaller loft and note so famous name might have sent 3 and won 3 prizes! There is also the competition you face in your region, winning a first or making an impressing results can look great but if you have no good competition in your region it means nothing. “Tell me against whom you race and I will tell you how good your birds are”

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Jan de Wijs
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Don’t let the screamers foul you!

Herbots 4 Oils (600 ml.)

Herbots 4 Oils (600 ml.)
  • Art number 90001
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A well-balanced mixture of 4 pure oils that are easily absorbed by the pigeon’s organism. Can be combined easily with the Herbots BMT or Optimix.

Sunflower oil, easily digestible fats
Wheat germ oil, rich of Vitamin E
Garlic oil, improves the condition of the intestinal flora
Cod liver oil, rich in Vitamin B
Rich in Vitamins: Vitamin A (3a672a) - Vitamin D3(E671) - Vitamin E (3a700)

Instruction for use:
1 tablespoon per kg of food, in combination with B.M.T. or Optimix
- During the racing season, 2nd day of homecoming
- Breeding period: during 1 week before coupling, afterwards 2x a week
- Moulting period: 2x a week

Important is the correct amount of each oil separately, for its quality and to avoid intestinal obstruction.
  • Art number 90001
Herbots 4 Oils (600 ml.)