Think before you speak!

“We really need to stop complaining and throwing mud at each other, start with thinking about what you are doing yourself!”

It makes me really crazy, all those complaining people at social media. I am sorry but if I read the complaints of many I get the feeling that the biggest part of the fanciers have an IQ lower than 85. Or they must be drunk or stoned when they write the most stupd things at the social channels.

For example Barcelona this week… Everything was wrong again, liberation too late. They could have seen that the pigeons would face some rain…. and so on...

People whats is wrong with you guys? It's over 1100 KM for the most pigeons. You know what? We need to get rid of the gold diggers in the sport, people that race pigeons at marathon races that are not ready for that heavy task!

Too many people race pigeons for the cash! Dreaming for the wealthy guys from the east visiting the loft and fulfill the promises the wifes that all investments will come back one day! Where is the passion to win the race of all races? I got the feeling most of us are waiting for Euros instead of for pigeons! Do these guys realize that if you win the last prize still 75% is struggling in the sky! We need to have respect for the birds!

Enough negative talk now but guy’s PLEASE race with pigeons that are able to do the job and I promise you will lose much less pigeons!

Best regards,

Jan de Wijs
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Don’t let the screamers foul you!

Herbots Bio Duif (300 Ml.)

Herbots Bio Duif (300 Ml.)
  • Art number 90005
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Bio Pigeon is a well-balanced combination of herbs and homeopathy. It is a product that purifies the blood on the one hand and improves the condition on the other. Besides, it has a positive effect on the intestinal flora.

- Supports the resistance.
- Supports the digestive condition
- Provides a better endurance and optimizes the blood flow.
- For the building of bones and tissue.
Preservative: lactic acid (E270), propionic acid (E280), formic acid (E236) Sensorial additive: Aromatic substances
Instruction for use:
On the first day and third day of homecoming 5 ml (=1 coffee spoon) per liter of drinking water. The rest of the year: 1x a week 5 ml (=1 teaspoon) per liter of drinking water
  • Art number 90005
Herbots Bio Duif (300 Ml.)