Wait for at least 10 minutes
before you release them

“If you don’t have the time to basket them relaxed and with care or if you don't have the time to wait at the liberation spot for at least 10 minutes you better keep them home!”

Many people ask me if I ever lose pigeons tossing them so many times. Well I can tell you not to so much. Of course every now and then a bird is lost. There are always obstacles on the way and many other threats are in the sky. But no we do note many, reason? I do note know for sure but one thing I know. I take time if I toss them. Many times I already pick the cocks from the nests the day before I go, put them in basket, put drinkers on and keep there overnight. The next morning the hen will be at the nests so I can take them off as easy as the cock the day before. NO STRESS, NO CATCHING!

When I am at the liberation spot I wait at least 10 minutes (many times even 15) before I liberate them! Just to give them some time to look around and get used to the fact that they will be liberated soon…. Do this and you did all you could and if you lose some, you are unlucky or your pigeons are note 100% healthy.

Best regards,

Jan de Wijs
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Wait for at least 10 minutes before you release them

Herbots Apple Vinegar (1000 Ml.)

Herbots Apple Vinegar (1000 Ml.)
  • Art number 90003
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Apple vinegar has been a constant value with a few top pigeon fanciers in Belgium for years. They kind of kept it a secret from other fanciers. It produces a remarkable result.
- Maintains the balance of the intestinal flora
- Improves the digestion – Softens the feathers
- Aids against muscle cramps
If you are not convinced of the effect of apple vinegar, take up the next challenge: give a few of your pigeons apple vinegar every day for 3 weeks and the others not. You will notice that the treated pigeons will have softer feathers – more flower and oil on the feathers than the non-treated pigeons. As probably known, pigeons with a soft pack of feathers and a lot of flower and oil on the feathers have a very good condition and will be promising for the coming season.
Vinegar: 4,90 – 5,10 g/100 ml
Sulphite : E222: 100 mg/l

Instructions for use:
1 tablespoon per liter of water
- Young pigeons: 2x a week – Racing pigeons : 2nd day after homecoming
- During the moulting period: 3 to 4 days a week
- Resting period: daily for 3 weeks
  • Art number 90003
Herbots Apple Vinegar (1000 Ml.)