"If you want do buy good birds do not look into the eyes of the pigeon but in those of the fancier"

I laugh with such talk and that is something everybody should do. The fact that there is not even a Dutch word for ‘eye sign’ must have a reason. Of course there are pigeons with great eyes, like some dogs, cats and even the most important human in my life has beautiful eyes. But it tell me nothing about has fast there are or how good they breed!

Scientists in Belgium frequently said ‘eye sign’ is bull and so is the opinion of some that claim that the eyes if a bird show if it is a good racer or breeder or not.
I always say:

‘If you want do buy good birds do not look into the eyes of the pigeon but in those of the fancier.’
Is he honest? Does he do his best to sell quality for the money he gets?

Best regards,

Jan de Wijs Jr.
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Forget about all those theories concerning eyes.

Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)

Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)
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  • Art number 90014
Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)