Always train them on line of the races…

"Your pigeons adapt easily, they will get used to the line and obstacles on the waY..."

When you train your pigeons always train them on the line of the races. Grab a ruler and place it from the main release places to your loft. Where the lines intersect is a perfect place to release your pigeons for a training flight. It’s useless to train them in any other direction in my opinion. If you want to win they will need to use the best line so you better let them get used to that direction and any obstacles at their journey….

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Jan de Wijs
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Always train them on line of the races…

Herbots Omega Plus (500 Ml.)

Herbots Omega Plus (500 Ml.)
  • Art number 90013
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Contains vitamins E and omega 3-6 and 9 fatty acids

- body supportive action
- relief of tension and recovery after effort
- soft and nice feathers
- positive influence on the development of young pigeons
- fertility

Sunflower oil, salmon oil, rosemary, sheep fat (20%)

Instructions for use:
1 tablespoon per kg of food together with Optimix or BMT.
Middle distance : Sunday + Tuesday + Wednesday
Long Distance: 1st + 2nd day after homecoming and 3rd and 4th day before basketing
  • Art number 90013
Herbots Omega Plus (500 Ml.)