Bad results? Only rest can save you!

“It's useless to tOSS your pigeons if they do not want to train by themselves for at least 45 minutes” 

If your pigeons do not perform well and or not train from themselves it’s useless to take them away and force them to train. You do more damage than good! Many of us underestimate what it means for a pigeons to races hundreds of KM every week and the time it takes to recover. I am 100% sure that top condition only get the chance to come if there is enough rest also. So my tip, do note force them to train! No flags, no forced training if the birds do note like to be in the sky…. Give them rest, silence and good feed and you have the most chance the condition will come or come back… If they train good enough give them short tosses of max 50 KM to keep the compass in the right direction...

Best regards,

Jan de Wijs
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Bad results? Only rest can save you

Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)

Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)
  • Art number 90014
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Optimix has become the most wanted condition powder that exists in the past few years. It guarantees a faster recovery and condition building. Optimix is a product based on vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and plant extracts.
Vitamins: A (3a672b) - D3 (E671) - E (3a700) - K3 (3a710) - B1 (3a820) – B2 – Niacinamide (3a315) – Calcium D-pantothenate (3a841) - B6 (3a831) – Folium acid (3a316) B12 – C (3a300) – Biotine (3a880) Choline chloride (3a890)

Trace elements: 
Iron (E1) – Zinc (3b603) – Copper (E4) - Mangena (E5) – Iodine (3b202) – Sodium (E8)

Plant extracts: For a better intake of the abovementioned substances in the organism. The grade of every substance is determined according to the function of each product. All these products are of a very high humane quality !!!
Instructions for use:
15 gr (1 tablespoon ) per kg of food, preferably in combination with Zell Oxygen.
- After the race: 1st and 3rd day after homecoming - After a heavy race: during 3 days – during administering of medicines
  • Art number 90014
Herbots Optimix (300 Gr.)